If you love Alice in Wonderland, you’ll love Tulips at Twilight. The Friends of Ward-Meade went all out for this springtime extravaganza. The event begins this Friday and Saturday, April 6 and 7, and concludes next weekend, April 13 and 14. 

Where is the Tulip Time Festival taking place?

More than 800 candles are lit by hand – and later blown out with a leaf blower. Stroll along the candle-lit path and marvel at the flowers – both real and handcrafted. Giant tulips of different colors, lit from the inside and made of a synthetic fabric, make quite a statement. Larger than life, they create a visual sensation of a magic world, a la Alice in Wonderland.

Live music from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. adds to the appeal. Those visiting this weekend will be able to enjoy the musical styling of Brad Hendrix Band on Friday and Grand Marquis on Saturday. Ben Taddiken and the smooth jazz group Ardus will be featured April 13 and 14, respectively.  

Who is the 2018 Tulip Time at the Lake Queen?

Get out this weekend and see it for yourself. Don’t forget that your $5 donation supports the purchase of next year’s tulips. Thank you to the Friends of Ward-Meade for putting on this awesomely unique event.