We want to increase community pride and involvement in Topeka-Shawnee County's Momentum 2022 strategic plan. Greater Topeka Partnership has trained 10 Speakers - dynamic, passionate Topeka-Shawnee County resident from diverse backgrounds - to lead presentations about Momentum 2022. 

This presentation is designed to introduce audiences to Topeka-Shawnee County’s Momentum 2022 strategic plan. Audiences will learn about initiatives to improve educational opportunities, business development, quality of place, and community development, and how they can join the conversation.  They will engage with dynamic speakers that will share their testimony about their motivation to be involved in the vision to make Topeka-Shawnee County a better place to live, work and play. (30, 15 minutes | Languages available: English, Spanish) 

Presentation Requirements

  • Venue must be provided
  • Minimum of 15 Event Attendees
  • If you would like the slide show presentation, a projector must be provided
  • Presentation requests may require 2-3 weeks' notice
  • Presentations are provided at no cost to the organization
  • Speakers will be assigned based on availability, first come first serve
  • Special requests for a Speaker may be considered