Small Business Relief Fund

Today, at the Lewis Toyota of Topeka dealership, the Greater Topeka Partnership announced the creation of its Small Business Relief Fund, an ongoing funding effort directed at area small businesses facing unanticipated hardships. It was also announced that Lewis Toyota will be the first to donate to this fund, pledging $25,000 in relief. Topeka & Shawnee County small businesses will be able to apply to receive relief funds in January 2021.

“Because we know that unforeseen hardships don’t only occur during a pandemic, we’ve created this opportunity for our community to help provide sustained relief for our small businesses,” said Glenda Washington, chief equity and opportunity officer and director of the Women and Minority Business Development program, Greater Topeka Partnership and GO Topeka, respectively.

“This year has been full of ups and downs and we feel like this donation may help a local business owner pay rent or, even better, pay an employee,” Brad Lewis, owner, Lewis Toyota. “Giving back to the community has been a focal point in my family business.”

“If the funds we are donating save just one local business it was worth the donation,” continued Lewis. “I know people still have Christmas shopping to do, so please try and support a local business in some way.”

“We at the Greater Topeka Partnership and GO Topeka are thankful for Lewis Toyota for providing the initial funding for this effort,” said Washington. “It has long been my hope that we could create an ongoing relief fund, such as this, to help small businesses prepare for whatever crisis they may face. Whether it be aid that goes toward building repair, payroll or other immediate needs, small businesses can find support through this new fund.”

“This is a great example of the power of the Partnership and its commitment to small business support,” said Curtis Sneden, president of the Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce. “This fund, starting with this generous donation from Lewis Toyota, will serve to strengthen our small business community for years to come.”

Relief funds will come available January 2021.

For more information please contact Glenda Washington >>