About The Greater Topeka Partnership

Below you can find the mission and vision statements for all of the Greater Topeka Partnership organizations. The organizations include, the Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce, GO Topeka, Visit Topeka, and Downtown Topeka, Inc. The organizations maintain their individual managers and boards, as well as becoming the founding organizations of the Greater Topeka Partnership.

Greater Topeka Partnership

Vision: The Greater Topeka Region is internationally recognized as a vibrant, innovative, fun, diverse and healthy community.

Mission: To be the catalyst for economic prosperity within our community.

Downtown Topeka, Inc.

Vision: Downtown Topeka is nationally recognized for its innovative and effective development of commercial, cultural and residential activity and increased quality of life in the Topeka region.

Mission: To ensure that Topeka’s downtown is the center of a thriving regional economy through recruiting, retaining and engaging commercial, cultural and residential opportunities.

Visit Topeka, Inc.

Vision: A trusted leader in the region known for innovative marketing and inspiring collaboration.

Mission: Increase tourism's economic impact on Topeka through destination development and brand management.

Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce

Vision:  Topeka / Shawnee County has a global reputation as a community which is vibrant, innovative, fun, diverse and healthy, in part, because its public policies enable it to flourish.

Mission: The Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce mobilizes the community to speak with a highly influential voice in support of public policies that create economic success.


Vision: Topeka and Shawnee County is known in Kansas and the greater region for being a leader at creating opportunities that result in economic success for all.

Mission: GO Topeka creates county-wide economic success for all companies and citizens through implementation of an aggressive economic development strategy that capitalizes on the unique strengths of the community.